035-VENT :: Recycled Poly 165gr

Weight: 165 gsm

Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester

Double knitted jersey, medium weight, created for use in harder conditions and colder climates. This is a highly versatile fabric to produce a wide range of heavy-duty outfits.
Technical fabric offers superior function with moisture-wicking technology that will keep you cooler. Its antibacterial treatment will reduce the growth of microbes causing a bad smell. This A-Class fabric is made 100% out of RECYCLED post-consumer materials, making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

This fabric is available only in white color is ready for digital Eco-sublimation printing. Your outfit will be customizable from corner to corner. No limit to colour, no limit to your creativity.

Additional information
100% Recycled

RECYCLED : Sustainable fabric made with yarn obtained from Recycled post-consumer materials.


BREATHABLE: Fabric lets sweat and air pass through. Gives a comfortable feeling and improves athletic performance.

Moisture management

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT : Fabric allows sweat to be transported from the skin to the outside of the garment.


ANTIBACTERIAL: Fabric treated with silver nanoparticles prevents the growth of bacterias inside the fabric.

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION : Fabric ready to be coloured by digital sublimation technique.

Quick Dry

QUICK DRY : Fabric doesn’t keep moisture inside the fibres, allowing it to dry quickly.

Heavy duty

HEAVY DUTY: Fabric made to last under intensive use conditions.

UV Protection

UV PROTECTION : The UV protection range of this fabric is over +50 SPF

Screen Print

SCREEN PRINT – Small and medium logos, limited colours


EMBROIDERY – Small and medium logos, limited colours


VINYL – Small and medium logos, unlimited colours

Digital Sublimation

DIGITAL SUBLIMATION – Print all over, unlimited colours

Fabric Color Card (No MOQ)


700 garments

Minimum order for specially dyed colours – 700 garments

Wash Care
Wash Max 40 Degrees

Wash Max 40°

No Iron

No Iron

No Tumbler

No Tumbler

No Bleach

No Bleach

No Dry Clean

No Dry Clean